July 5, 2023

New Builds Cleaning

Edinburgh Stone Repair use Doff system along with non acid masonry cleaner from Tensid to bring new builds in Edinburgh…

Edinburgh Stone Repair use Doff system along with non acid masonry cleaner from Tensid to bring new builds in Edinburgh back to life without damaging surface.

Safety Klean

Safety Klean is an effective, safe alternative to acidic compounds for cleaning brick, tile and concrete surfaces. Safety Klean rids new masonry construction of excess mortar, dirt and other common job site soiling. It is ideal for projects where traditional acidic cleaners are not permitted. Non fuming Safety Klean contains no hydrochloric or other traditional inorganic acids and is safe for use on and around most metal surfaces, indoors or out. It is up to 70% more effective than citric and glycolic acids, and 50% more effective than phosphoric acid.

PROSOCO Restoration Clean

PROSOCO Restoration Cleaner is a concentrated compound formulated as a carbon solubiliser. Used properly, it cleans, brick, granite, sandstone, terracotta, exposed aggregate and other masonry except limestone, marble or concrete. This product has been used to safely restore historic structures world wide. Application to masonry surfaces loosens and dissolves dirt, paint oxidisation, carbon buildup and other atmospheric pollutants. A simple cold water rinse then removes these unsightly stains.

PROSOCO 766 Limestone and Masonry Prewash

PROSOCO 766 Limestone and Masonry Prewash is a strong alkaline based cleaning compound formulated for use with Restoration Cleaner, Limestone Afterwash or Limestone Restorer. When used properly, the prewash dissolves and assists in removing heavy carbon encrustations from brick, terracotta, sandstone, limestone and most other masonry.

PROSOCO Limestone and Masonry Afterwash

PROSOCO Limestone and Masonry Afterwash, a mild organic acid cleaning compound, neutralises and brightens surfaces that have been prewashed with 766 Limestone and Masonry Prewash. When used properly, this two part cleaning system removes heavy carbon dirt and other atmospheric stains from porous limestone, concrete and most other porous masonry surfaces. 766 Limestone and Masonry Prewash and Limestone and Masonry Afterwash will not damage most masonry surfaces.

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