Stone Cleaning

The DOFF System

Because the DOFF System is a steam based cleaning method, there is no need to use a chemical biocide during the course of the treatment. This makes the DOFF System environmentally friendly and well suited for use on heritage buildings.

Removing Paint & Matter

Having the ability to increase the temperature of the steam, means that the DOFF System can make short work of removing different types of paint and biological matter such as algae and moss. The temperature at the nozzle end of the DOFF System can reach up to 150°C. When removing paint, we apply our specialist, water-based, paint softener 24 hours before the start of the cleaning programme. We are able to remove most indoor and outdoor paints and lacquers.

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Stone Cleaning

Prices range from £100 – £6,000

Our rates for stone cleaning sandstone removing algae and moss range from £10 – £20 per 1 metre x 1 metre wall depending on condition of stone.

On Carbon removal using Doff system or Torc system prices range from £25 – £50 on 1 metre x metre wall.

On day charges on Stone cleaning based on a 8 hour day range from £500 – £700 depending on access.

Graffiti Removal

Prices range from £100 – £5,000

Pricing graffiti removal is a tricky one as it depends on type of paint used and how heavy the coats of graffiti are.
Prices can be from £30 a square meter to £100 a square metre plus material cost.

We strive to offer the best lime plastering service available, whether it be sourcing the best quality lime plastering materials, the most suitable products for the buildings requirements, communicating with you throughout the work process, or simply being punctual.
Paint Removal In Newtown Basement

Paint Removal

Prices range from £100 to £10,000

Paint removal is possibly the most difficult to price as so many factors from the type of paint that was used to the amount of coats in most cases will need a chemical to soften paint.

Prices range for 1 metre x 1 metre wall of a painted basement from £100 to £150 per square metre (m2).