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Stonemason Stone Repair Services

Edinburgh Stone Repairs & Masonry survey and quote for repairs required to existing stonework, and also to any new stone projects you may be considering. We also offer a stone cleaning service to clients.

We undertake all stone work from private and commercial clients including:

  • Working & fixing structural and ornamental stonework.
  • Working and fixing formal front steps, setting out & laying stone flooring in/outdoors.
  • Cosmetic repairs to stonework; stone in-plant, stone render & mortar joints.
  • Stone sculpture repair.
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Stonemasonry Services

Stonemasonry Services

Range from £150 – £30,000

It is hard to put a exact price on each service but for a standard cracked sandstone lintel that is cracked and needs to replaced with exact material would range from £900 – £2,000.

On day charges we charge around £250 – £300 per man each day.
Repointing Works

Repointing Works

Repointing Works

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Stone Repairs Information

Masons Mortars supplies Lithomex stone repair and restoration mortar. This is a specially formulated mortar based on natural hydraulic lime and aggregates for the repair or simulation of masonry, brick or stone.

Lithomex is a custom-coloured mortar supplied in 25kg bags, which only needs the addition of water for mixing. The mortar has high vapour permeability, a low modulus of elasticity and excellent bond characteristics. It also achieves early freeze/thaw resistance. Lithomex develops early strength but not such that it becomes stronger than the background. It is not suitable for repairs to stair treads.

Simulation of stone/brick features, rough finishes, false joints and other features can be made approximately five hours from application. Shaping and forming of details can be carried out as the work proceeds or using chisels once the material is fully hardened. The mortar can be tooled, shaped and sculpted even weeks after the final set has taken place.

Where ashlar masonry or very finely jointed masonry has suffered damage to the arises, flush-finishing in Lithomex with a tucked joint is the ideal solution. Lithomex can be lime washed. On rendered areas, Lithomex can be used to form decorative features such as mouldings and cornices.