Stone Replacement In Edinburgh

Surface Repairs

Stone Surface Repairs

Edinburgh Stone Repairs & Masonry use a specially formulated mortar, based on Natural Hydraulic Lime and aggregates for the repair of masonry. Our stonemasons can repair any stone whether it be decorative features such as mouldings and cornices, lintels, sills, mullions, ashlar stone, rubble stone, quoins, corbels, sandstone, limestone and pillars.


Lithomex has high vapour permeability, low modulus of elasticity, excellent bond characteristics and achieves early freeze thaw resistance. Lithomex develops early strength but not such that it becomes stronger than the background.Our stonemasons priority on each repair project is to make sure it is a near perfect match to the stone as we can, paying particular attention to its colour, tone, surface texture, tool markings, grain and weathering.We use traditional methods using lime-based mortars, which will allow the walls to breathe.

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Stone Replacement In Edinburgh

Lime Mortar Pointing Services

A large proportion of Scotland’s buildings constructed prior to 1920 used lime mortars in both construction and finishing. Lime mortar offers many advantages over modern cement, as it is softer and more porous than any cement-based mortars. Therefore moisture can evaporate through the mortar rather than through the bricks or stones of a building.

Cement mortars tend to have a consistent and ‘closed’ pore structure that traps water rather than allowing the building to breathe. Any trapped moisture will expand if subjected to freezing conditions, and mortars may ultimately fail, often causing damage to the surrounding masonry in the process and internally can cause dampness.

Correct re-pointing using Lime Mortar will assist in waterproofing and stabilizing the walls structure. Re-pointing can be done to suit every masonry project. When pointing is completed correctly and sufficiently it will prolong the life of the structure and will help to retain its individual character.