Why not to use cement in pointing

The use of Portland cement for repointing the joints of old stone structures and  walls can cause decay. Before 1919…
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Gutter Cleaning

Skyvac gutter cleaning system
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Sealing & Surface Protection

Sealing & Surface Protection Services
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Cleaned stairwell in Edinburgh

Flagstone Cleaning

We use our Doff Steam System
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Street Cleaning

We understand street and paving cleaning.
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Fire and Smoke Damage Cleaning in Edinburgh

Fire & Smoke Damage Cleaning

We can remove soot from sandstone and wood.
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Cladding Cleaning In Edinburgh

Cladding Cleaning

We use our Doff steam system and Torik superheated system to remove moss, algae and carbon from all types of…
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TORC cleaning

The TORC cleaning system is a highly efficient cleaning system designed and created by Stone Health Limited for the gentle…
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New Builds Cleaning

Edinburgh Stone Repair use Doff system along with non acid masonry cleaner from Tensid to bring new builds in Edinburgh…
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Maintaining Your Building

We suggest getting your building checked every couple of years by a professional to maintain your building.
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