Wall Repair

We Repair & Rebuild Damaged Rubble Stone Walls

Edinburgh Stone Repair Ltd repair and rebuild damaged rubble stone walls through Edinburgh and Lothians that have been damaged caused by tree roots, vehicle collisions and poor maintenance.

Lime Pointing

We at Edinburgh Stone Repair Ltd use traditional practices to rebuild and repair using the correct materials as lime mortar and natural sandstone to match the surrounding masonry to preserve for the future.

  • Wall Rebuilds
  • Gate pillar Repairs
  • Repointing Rubble Walls
  • Structual Repairs
  • Insurance Works
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Questions & Answers

Why use lime mortar?

On sandstone and brick it is better to use lime mortar as it allows the masonry to breathe, cement traps moisture in the building and not allowing dampness to escape and causing damage to masonry.

What do you use to repair a stone wall?

You would use same materials that was used to build the original wall using correct mortar and matching original stone and dressing.