April 3, 2023

Maintaining Your Building

We suggest getting your building checked every couple of years by a professional to maintain your building.

We suggest getting your building checked every couple of years by a professional to maintain your building.

Roofs – Regular inspections to your roof are recommended as if damp exist fungal attack can cause dry rot and cause the timbers in the roof to weaken. Roof coverings are mainly in scotch slate this is a great material and should be sourced and used to replace any broken or missing slates. Flat roofs where traditionally covered with lead sheeting or zinc these materials should be used for repairs.

Chimney and Skews – Chimneys are the most vulnerable to weathering and in most cases the chimney pots can become loose from storms causing water to ingress into open joints and causing the stonework to become damaged and loose in need for repair.

External Walls – Any loose or missing pointing on a traditional stone building in edinburgh we suggest this to be repointed in lime mortar and any stones that are cracked or loose be replaced with natural sandstone to match the original dressing and shape as close as possible.

Roof Drainage – We suggest using rope access or cherry picker to inspect gutter for any leaking gutter joints or blocked gutter than can cause water ingress via open joints in the pointing. Also checking cast iron pipes for any cracks or blockages that can cause damage to stonework these should be replaced using correct materials matching like for like.

How to maintain your building

Checklist For Your Building


Loose Masonry Removed Using Rope Access to Prevent Falling Into Street.

Checking for any missing Slates, Lead Flashing or Failure of Roof Coverings.


Coping Stones and Chimney cans displaced missing or broken, pointing missing on your chimney breast, Lead flashing becoming loose or missing and vegetation.

Roof Drainage

Check for leaks in gutters on joints or from rain water pipes, Overflowing gutters and blockages from leaves or vegetation.

Cornice Stones

Check for missing pointing in cornice joints and cracks in stonework caused by cement repairs and risk of falling into street.

External Walls

Loose or missing pointing on exposed stonework, Excessive erosion of stonework underneath gutters. Cracked stonework and failed cement repairs allowing water to ingress.

External Paintwork

Flaking paintwork on gloss paintwork on sash and case windows, failed paintwork on cast iron pipes, Missing burnt sand mastic on windows.

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